Instagram may finally bring Direct messenger to desktop platform

Instagram could bring Direct to the desktop version of the platform

According to a reverse software engineer with a knack for discovering upcoming application features before their public releases, Instagram is working on bringing its Direct messaging tool to desktops.

Jane Manchun Wong has made her name in the tech world for discovering and publishing her accurate predictions of app tools and features in the works at industry-leading social media platforms. By digging through the code of various apps, the reverse-engineer recently discovered that Instagram appears to be working on Direct for the desktop version of the social networking service. 

According to Wong, the interface is almost identical to that of Facebook's dedicated Messenger tool with the conversations being listed on the left-hand side and the active conversation being opened on the right. Also likewise, an additional column can be pulled up on the right edge to display information about the opened conversation like the conversation name and group members.

Based on the responses to Wong's tweet, this change would be a welcome one; the lack of mobile tools available on the desktop version of the platform -- omission of Direct and the ability to upload pictures -- has been an inconvenience and a source of frustration for many users. This change, though it's unknown when or even if it will actually be implemented, would doubtlessly improve the Instagram experience for a large percentage of its audience.