Instagram is testing a new Stories interface for desktop users

·1-min read
Is Instagram heading towards a design more adapted to computer users?

To celebrate the New Year, Instagram has decided to give its Stories design a makeover. The visually-focused social network is currently trialing a new carousel presentation for its desktop version. This new feature should make it easier for you to browse Instagram Stories on your computer.

While Instagram's desktop version is still essentially a wider version of the mobile app, the platform seems to be moving towards offering a design more adapted to computer users. According to Engadget, under the test version, the Stories appear in a carousel that allows users to preview upcoming content and view the previous Stories already consulted. It's a more practical approach for users to know what they have already watched.

As before, users will be able to choose between Stories playing through automatically or clicking through manually. Up until now, and for most users, Instagram Stories browsed via desktop still appear as a single tile that takes up the entire page.

This new design is currently being tested by a handful of web users since last month, explained an Instagram spokesperson to Engadget. It's not clear exactly how many users are seeing the new look and when this new feature will roll out to more users.

Instagram's desktop version has often been criticized for its awkward, heavy design. Does such an update suggest that Instagram is looking to develop its desktop use to catch up with its competitors? Twitter and Facebook have already offered a streamlined design via both desktop and mobile applications for a while.