Intensify efforts to conserve historical monuments


KUALA LUMPUR: The government should intensify efforts to conserve and preserve local historical monuments as evidence of historical events that had taken place for future generations.

University of Malaya Architecture Department Built Environment Faculty expert Lim Take Bane said preserving the designs of unique monuments and buildings that had become national identities could help boost the tourism industry of the country.

He said Malaysia had a lot of such beautiful structures but there was a need to raise awareness among Malaysians on the need to preserve them.

“When we start to neglect them it will eventually destroy them,” he told reporters after taking part in the Program Bicara@Muzium at Muzium Negara here.

Architects, he said, should maintain historical buildings and monuments to help enhance the spirit of patriotism among the young.

Bicara@Muzium is one of the programmes organised in conjunction with the MYKL exhibition in Muzium Negara from Feb 1 until April 26. --BERNAMA