Intention wasn’t wrong: Karnal DM on SDM Ayush Sinha’s controversial remark on farmers

Karnal (Haryana), Aug 30 (ANI): Giving a clarification over Karnal SDM Ayush Sinha’s viral video in which he was using undesirable remarks against protesting farmer, DM Nishant Yadav on August 30 said that the words were used in heat of the moment but the intention wasn't wrong. “Some words shouldn't have been used in that video. As head of Karnal administration, I express my regret. But SDM, who was on duty, is a sincere officer. He used some words in heat of the moment, he shouldn't have. But his intention wasn't wrong,” said Karnal DM. He further said, “He told police force that if protesters reach their spot, they would've already broken two nakas by then and if they crossed their naka, they would indulge in vandalism. So, they shouldn't be allowed. They need to be talked to and if someone doesn't understand, baton should be used. Tailored version was presented in the media. The complete briefing wasn't presented that how did he properly brief Police force where he said that if protesters reach there, they'll be stopped, talked to and if they don't, force be used as there's no force after their naka.” In a viral video, Karnal SDM Ayush Sinha was seen saying 'crack their heads' during lathi charge on protesting farmers in the district.

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