The interactive course helping parents and their kids better navigate cybersecurity

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Kaspersky and Skill Cup have joined forces to help parents and their children better navigate cybersecurity and digital ethics.

"Kids on the internet" is the name of a new course created by cybersecurity experts Kaspersky and the microlearning application Skill Cup to help parents and children hone their cybersecurity and digital ethics skills.

"We came up with the idea of an express mobile course for parents, which will ensure they understand the nature of current cyberthreats for children. It will also provide them with some tips and tricks on how to maintain a reasonable level of security without needing to resort to being overly controlling or imposing tough restrictions," explains Denis Barinov, head of Kaspersky Academy.

As part of the course -- available for children, adults and, more broadly, all people using the internet -- users learn about what children watch and use as services, how to protect themselves from cyberbullying or why it is important for parents to use parental controls, without restricting the child's freedoms.

Through fun and diverse formats, drawing on the multimedia approach of social networks, users learn through videos, quizzes, infographics and articles.

"Today's children are used to a wide range of social media platforms such as TikTok, YouTube and others," said Roman Mandrik, CEO and founder of Skill Cup. "That's why the learning format should be adjusted to their content consumption habits."

The course is available now in Russian and in English for iOS and Android.

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