International Day for Universal Access of Information: Advocating for knowledge in era of half-truths

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The International Day for Universal Access to Information (IDUAI) is celebrated every year on 28 September. Instituted by the United Nations, the day is observed to spread awareness concerning the need to expand laws related to information and their implementation. The expansion of these laws will help in building inclusive institutions across the world.


This year the theme for IDUAI is "The Right to Know €" Building Back Better with Access to Information". The objective of it is to highlight and focus on the fact that the public's need for reliable and accurate information has never been stronger than the current times. Also, amid the pandemic where countries are struggling to overcome the crisis, rebuilding of communities and institutions plays a bigger role.

How will the day be celebrated this year

To make the day special, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) and other partner institutions will come together and host six online webinars for IDUAI. The online webinars will be conducted on 28 and 29 September and they will emphasise on the central role of access to information legislation.

Other than that, IDUAI will also stress on its implementation in operating strong institutions to strengthen international cooperation in promoting the right to information as a fundamental human right.


On 17 November, 2015, UNESCO declared that IDUAI will be marked and celebrated on 28 September every year. After the declaration, the UN General Assembly also decided to observe the day as the International Day for Universal Access of Information (IDUAI).


With the right to provide correct information, the IDUAI focuses on making information accessible for all individuals so that a strong and firm structure of sustainable policies can be developed in society.

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