International stamp exhibition ‘Philanippon 2021’ attracts visitors

Tokyo (Japan), Sep 03 (ANI): Pacifico Yokohama is one of Japan’s largest convention centers which recently hosted Japan World Stamp Exhibition. It is the anniversary of the founding of postal service in Japan. It is held every 10 years since 1971. This year marks the 6th time Japan hosts this event titled “The PHILANIPPON 2021”. And to reflect the fact that 2021 marks the 150th anniversary of postal service in Japan, the exhibition introduced many items to broadly communicate to visitors. It showcased the history and culture that has been created by postal service during its long journey as well as the future potential of the industry going forward by using newly developed delivery robots and drones. In 1890, the first World Stamp Exhibition was held in London, marking the 50th year since the issuance of the world’s first stamp, known as the “Penny Black”. Today, The Philanippon 2021 with the theme “Celebrating 150 years of service, Delivering new value tomorrow.” is dedicated to popularizing the postal service. The purpose of the exhibition was to spread and develop stamp collecting, philately in Japan and throughout the world and to strive toward cultural exchange and international goodwill between countries and regions across the globe through postage stamps. The event provides good chance to enjoy the hobby of collecting stamp. Children were also happy to visit the event as many stamps had popular animation characters. “Philanippon 2021” introduces postal service that will move beyond history and into tomorrow.

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