‘Interview With the Vampire’ Renewed for Season 3 Centered on Lestat

AMC has renewed “Interview With the Vampire” for Season 3, days ahead of the Season 2 finale. Based on Anne Rice’s celebrated “Vampire Chronicles” series, the third season will follow the course of those books and focus on Lestat, who takes center stage to tell his own tale.

Here’s AMC’s fittingly cheeky synopsis for the new season, which teases plenty of familiar names for book readers to get excited about:

“In season three, resentful of the perfunctory portrayal in the trashy bestseller “Interview With The Vampire,” the Vampire Lestat sets his story straight in a way only the Vampire Lestat can—by starting a band and going on tour. Gabrielle. Nicholas. Magnus. Marius. Those Who Must Be Kept. They join Louis, Armand, Molloy, Sam, Raglan, Fareed and others we can’t tell you about yet on a sexy pilgrimage across space, time and trauma. No Auto-Tuning. No Trigger Warnings. All Feels Amplified.”

Creator, writer and showrunner Rolin Jones said in a statement: “Thank you to the brilliant casts and crews of the first two seasons that got us to this day. Thank you to the rabid, beautifully unwell fandom that scaled the castle walls to get us to this day. Thank you to Dan McDermott, Ben Davis for the funds and tools to continue the great work of dramatizing Anne Rice’s extraordinary novels. And sincere apologies to the family and friends of actor Sam Reid, for the possession that continues to this day. Monsieur L extends his promise to return his body upon cancellation (may that evening never come.)”

“When you buy the rights to 18 Anne Rice novels that have sold more than 150 million copies, in your wildest dreams you hope there’s a show as good as Interview on the other end,” said Dan McDermott, president of entertainment and AMC Studios for AMC Networks. “What Rolin has done with these stories and characters, working so closely with Mark, as the steward of this universe, has exceeded the loftiest version of our expectations. We can’t wait to see where this
creative team takes the series from here and know we are walking alongside an incredibly loyal and passionate base of fans who feel as strongly about this material as we do.”

“Interview With the Vampire” is the first installment in AMC’s growing Immortal Universe, based on Rice’s works, which also includes “Anne Rice’s The Mayfair Witches” and a recently greenlit series under the working title “Anne Rice’s The Talamasca,” which will focus on the secret society tasked with tracking and controlling all the supernatural creatures in Rice’s universe. “Mayfair Witches” is currently in production on its second season and “The Talamasca” is expected to debut in late 2025. No production details have been made available for “Interview With the Vampire” Season 3 at this time.

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