If you like inventory grids they've made an action roguelike specifically for you

 God of Weapons inventory screen with swords neatly arranged in a grid
God of Weapons inventory screen with swords neatly arranged in a grid

Roguelike God of Weapons is for you if you've got some kind of deep-seated need only satisfied by the inventory management that you learned to love way back in Diablo 1 and 2. The action roguelike, released just this week, pits you against ever-escalating swarms of monsters as you climb the levels of a tower.

It's also a shoe in for fans of games like Brotato, Soulstone Survivors, and Time Wasters, following on to the strain of action roguelike games dragged into popularity by Vampire Survivors. It's got an active dodge in common with a few of those others, something we're seeing more of in the twitchier genre entries.

God of Weapons' standout feature is of course that inventory management. Where other games in the genre have you just collect new powers and upgrades, perhaps within a limited set of slots, God of Weapons makes you fit them into a grid-based inventory that you can add new slots to over time. That new Crossbow seems cool, but do you have room for that awkward shape?

"Collecting weapons and accessories and strategically organizing them in your inventory is crucial to your survival. Your inventory space is limited, hence before putting in a new item, you'll need to consider its strengths and weaknesses and how it fits into your overall strategy," say developers Archmage Labs.

It's not just the weapons to contend with, either. God of Weapons also has several classes to play as, each with a set of subclasses to choose from. Thieves, for example, get faster attack speed with sharp weapons but have weaker projectiles and less armor.

Early reviews are pretty happy with it on release, with 85% of 450 user reviews positive on Steam as of press time. Positive reviews cite the gameplay generally, as well as the variety of build options, and note that though there are bugs the developers have been active and responsive since launch. Negative reviews cite bugs, lack of level variety, and poor roguelite metaprogression.

You can find God of Weapons on Steam for $6, on sale at 10% off until September 26.