Update to iOS 17.2 adds Qi2 support for iPhone 13, iPhone 14

iPhone on a MagSafe charger
iPhone on a MagSafe charger

Apple's release candidate for iOS 17.2 adds a change to wireless charging, with the iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 supporting the Qi2 charger standard.

iPhone on a MagSafe charger

The issuing of release candidates for its operating systems means a full release of iOS 17.2 is due to happen soon. However, the release candidate also pointed out a change that wasn't previously picked up in earlier beta reports.

The release notes accompanying the release candidate lists all of the changes included as part of iOS 17.2, including one relating to wireless charging. Buried under the "improvements and bug fix" section, Apple says it adds Qi2 charger support for all iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 models.

Qi2 chargers have been released throughout 2023, with expectations that the Qi2 wireless charging spec will be approved by the Wireless Power Consortium before the end of the year.

Qi2 is an upgrade to Qi, the previous wireless charging standard used by modern smartphones. Qi2 adds in MagSafe to the Magnetic Power Profile and enhancements to the existing Extended Power Profile.

Though MagSafe is meant as an Apple-specific technology, the ring of magnets used in Qi2 is intended to be universal, and so will work with both iPhone and Android devices.

While Apple limits the original Qi to 7.5W with MagSafe running at up to 15W, Qi2 will work at 15W. However, MagSafe devices that don't support Qi2 will charge at Qi rates when used with a Qi2 charger.

Apple has already included Qi2 support in the iPhone 15 family. With the update, it's upgrading support for the iPhone 13 and iPhone 14. This allows the older smartphones to charge at the faster Qi2 rate when used with supportive chargers.