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The Apple Design Awards 2021 crowned 12 games and apps available in the App Store.

Apple has announced the winners of its Design Awards 2021. This year's awards are divided into six new categories that recognize developers from around the world for inclusivity, innovation, graphics, fun, interaction and social impact.

A total of 12 applications were crowned at this year's awards, announced as part of Apple's WWDC developer conference, during which the tech firm unveiled the main new features of future updates to its operating systems (macOS, iOS, iPadOS, watchOS).

Winners in the inclusivity category were Voice Dream Reader, a text-to-speech application capable of reading text aloud from any digital source, be it a PDF, a web page or an e-book, in more than 20 languages; and HoloVista, a game with numerous accessibility features, including options for visuals, sound and motion control.

In terms of innovation, this year's winners were the NaadSadhana app, which uses artificial intelligence to help aspiring musicians improve their compositions and then publish their music; and the League of Legends: Wild Rift game, which successfully brings the famous and complex PC game to mobile. In terms of graphics, Apple crowned Loóna, an application that offers sleepscape sessions combining relaxing activities, storytelling, and atmospheric sounds; and the game, Genshin Impact with its breathtaking, far-reaching landscapes.

When it comes to "delight and fun," the Pok Pok Playroom and Little Orpheus games both won awards. In terms of interaction, Apple chose to reward the Carrot Weather application, which displays weather forecasts in a fun and entertaining way; as well as the Bird Alone game for its explorative interactions, combining gestures, haptics, parallax and dynamic sound effects. Finally, in the social impact category, winners were Be My Eyes, which allows blind and visually impaired people to identify objects thanks to the help of millions of volunteers around the world; and the game, Alba: A Wildlife Adventure, which sees players save local wildlife threatened by the construction of a hotel.

Discover the winners of the Apple Design Awards 2021 in full:

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