iPhone 13 Face ID Won't Work If You Get A Non-Apple Screen Replacement

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Apple offers its devices with a sprinkle of exquisiteness and a dash of exclusivity. So, on the one hand, where the Cupertino-based tech giant offers a highly compatible ecosystem of their devices, on the other hand, it snatched away some things to maintain the sanctity of the brand. In one such move, unveiled by a tech channel called “Phone Repair Guru,” Apple has almost made it impossible for third-party repair shops to dissect the device to rectify an issue. According to it, the users will not be able to use the Face ID feature of the iPhone 13 if they get a duplicate screen that is from anywhere other than apple authorised repair shops.

The video shows a full replacement of parts of the iPhone 13 including the proximity sensor, ambient light sensor, and microphone. Till here, all the features normally work, including the Face ID unlock feature. But as soon as the screen is replaced with a new one, an info bubble pops up saying, “Unable to verify this phone has genuine Apple display.” Post this message; the face-unlock feature stops working. Not only this, after the third-party repair, if you try to make a new Face ID by accessing the phone’s settings, you will not be able to make a new ID. Instead, a dialogue box saying “Face ID is not available” appears when you tap on “Get Started.”

The revelation of facts has brought the consumers at crossroads as to be extra careful with their devices or to wait for the company to come to a resolution.

Apple has been in a tussle regarding the Right to Repair law and has been resisting it ever since the movement shifted from vehicle manufacturers to electrical appliances and devices. The Right to Repair law allows consumers to get their devices repaired from independent shops and services, which could make a substantial dent into the company’s repair business as well as the ownership of some propriety information.

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