Is This What The iPhone 15 Pro Max Will Look Like?

iphone 15
iphone 15

Popular YouTube channel Unbox Therapy has shown off a physical prototype of what’s rumoured to be the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Speculations of the next-gen iPhone begin almost immediately upon the release of the current device, and that’s no different with the upcoming iPhone 15. While Apple will most likely unveil the new phone sometime towards the end of this year, that hasn’t stopped people from theorising what the San Cupertino-based company’s plans are for the next generation of their smartphone. 

It seems that we may have our first good look at what the next iPhone will be. YouTube channel Unbox Therapy, which reviews and does a rundown of both popular and lesser-known gadgets, have gotten their hands on a rumoured iPhone 15 Pro Max mock-up. In the 20-minute video, host Lewis Hilsenteger breaks down the differences between this rumoured prototype and the current iPhone 14. 

YouTube channel Unbox Therapy gives a rundown of a possible iPhone 15 Pro Max prototype

Image credit: Unbox Therapy
Image credit: Unbox Therapy

Hilsenteger describes the prototype the channel received as “the closest look yet at the next generation iPhone,” though he did clarify, “I can’t guarantee this is what [it will] look like. I’ve been told this is what it’s going to look like.” Of course, he didn’t mention who Unbox Therapy got the prototype from or from where and how. As for the title boasting that it’s the “iPhone 15 Ultra”, that’s simply because Hilsenteger was theorising that if the iPhone 15 used titanium material, that could perhaps be its name—that and because it’s click-baity, of course. 

The prototype was also just a physical mock-up of what could be the iPhone 15 Pro Max’s design. There was no testing of software, features, the new iOS, or the possible new chip it will come along with.  

Here’s a breakdown of the significant changes in the prototype compared to the iPhone 14:

A slightly thicker body

The prototype is a little thicker than the current iPhone 14, and Hilsenteger says this might be because of battery improvements. Because of the thicker body, the camera doesn’t jut out as much. There are also some slight differences in the materials and finishes used in the prototype.

A significantly smaller bezel

The prototype almost seems bezel-less. It’s a vast difference from the iPhone 14, and aside from the Dynamic Island, which is still present, this is the nearest thing we’ve got to a display that’s just purely screen on an iPhone. Of course, that’s if this design is implemented. 

Bye bye, Lightning. Hello, USB Type-C

There’s been some legal drama in other countries over how the iPhone has a Lightning Port for charging instead of the universal USB Type-C. If this prototype is to be believed, Apple has finally succumbed to the pressure and switched the iPhone’s charging port. This wouldn’t be too surprising since many of its other devices have been also making the switch to USB Type-C. 

Image credit: Unbox Therapy
Image credit: Unbox Therapy

The SIM tray is still present

Despite Apple releasing trayless iPhone 14s in the US, the SIM tray was still present in the prototype. Whether they’re bringing it back or this is simply the design for iPhones outside of the US is anyone’s guess. 

The volume button is now a singular button

Ever since the very first iPhone, the volume button has always been two individual buttons. But the prototype shows that has now been done away with. Now, there’s just one singular volume button on the side. 


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And the silence toggle is now a button

That iconic toggle has also gone bye bye if the prototype does turns out to be real. It’s now just a button, which some might consider to be boring, but Hilsenteger suggests that it may be because it will now act as a customisable Action Button like the one on the Apple Watch Ultra. 

Again, this prototype isn’t confirmed to be the actual iPhone 15 Pro Max prototype, and a prototype is never meant to be the final design. However, this gives us an idea of what we could possible expect from Apple’s next iPhone design-wise. As for its software, we still have a few more months to wait until the iPhone 15 is officially revealed.

You can watch Unbox Therapy’s full rundown of the prototype below:

[Hero image: Daniel Romero/Unsplash]

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