A new iPhone XS Max with a maxed out 512GB capacity will cost you nearly $2.4k in Singapore

While most of us were enjoying our recommended hours of sleep last night, Apple announced three new additions to their iPhone lineup — their latest, greatest, and verily, expensivest pieces of smartphones that fanboys will sell their firstborn for.

The tech giant knows it can get away with charging extra-premium prices for their products, but this one takes the cake. Folks here could be forking out as much as S$2,349 — the price of a decked out gaming computer — to get the best iteration of Apple’s latest iPhone. And it won’t be surprising too if it gets sold out at launch.

As much as Apple loves throwing phrases such as “revolutionary”, “a new level”, and “best ever”, the new iPhones aren’t sporting that much innovation from its previous generation. There’re two upgraded models: the iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max, both looking very much the same as last year’s iPhone X. The (literally) big difference is that the iPhone XS Max is a huge version of the iPhone X, sporting a 6.5-inch screen despite being the same physical size as an iPhone 8 Plus.

Photo: Apple

But as with all of Apple’s previous S models, it’s all about the new specs. Bigger batteries, faster processors, slightly improved cameras, and better displays. The new Smart HD capabilities with adjustable bokeh are cool though, even though it sounds really similar to the Google Pixel’s computational photography.

It’s all nice and shiny, but here’s the kicker — the iPhone XS Max only starts at S$1,799, and that’s just for the something with a measly 64gb capacity. With all the videos, photos and media to be enjoyed these days, folks need phones that are at least 256gb in capacity, and that already goes for a phenomenal $2,039. Want a fully decked out iPhone XS Max? That’ll be a ludicrous $2,349.

Apple.com screengrab

Of course, one could always go for the smaller iPhone XS, but even so, you’ll be hitting S$1,649 onwards.

Apple.com screengrab

Fortunately, there’s the iPhone XR, a lower-cost model with a single rear camera that costs up to S$1,469 for the 256GB iteration. No OLED screen and it’s made of aluminium instead of stainless steel, but the bells and whistles inside are pretty similar to its iPhone XS cousins.

Those needing the (costly) upgrades to their current iPhones can start pre-ordering the iPhone XS and iPhone XS tomorrow, and both will be available in stores on Sept 21. The cheaper iPhone XRs will be available to pre-order on Oct 19 and will be in stores starting Oct 26.

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