Iran sends Qaem-5 guided bombs to Russia

Iran supplied Russia with Qaem-5 bombs
Iran supplied Russia with Qaem-5 bombs

Ukrainian intelligence has evidence that Iran supplied Russia with Qods Mohajer-6 drones and the latest Qaem-5 guided aerial bombs, starting even before Russia’s full-scale invasion, NV reported, citing a source in Ukraine’s Military Intelligence (HUR).

Russia received drones with Qaem-5 bombs from Tehran even before it started its invasion of Ukraine, the publication's source noted.

A drone of the same series as the one that crashed on May 26, 2024, in Russia’s Kursk Oblast — specifically a Mohajer-6 — was shot down over the Black Sea in November 2022.

<span class="copyright">Mike1979 Russia / Wikimedia</span>
Mike1979 Russia / Wikimedia

Iran never denied supplying weapons to Russia before the full-scale invasion but did not disclose the quantity or list of ammunition transferred, the source said.

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Iranian Qaem-5 air-to-ground bombs and Mohajer-6 drones

Russia apparently received Iranian Qaem-5 air-to-ground bombs, never previously used in Ukraine, marking a new step in Moscow-Tehran military cooperation, German outlet Bild’s military expert Julian Röpke said, drawing attention to the guided bombs carried by the Iranian Qods Mohajer-6 UAV that crashed on May 26 in Russia’s Kursk Oblast.

Qaem aerial bombs (not to be confused with Qaem missiles) are air-to-ground glide bombs with high-explosive warheads — one of Iran’s newest military developments.

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Their main carriers are Iranian Qods Mohajer-6 drones (the same type that crashed in Kursk Oblast on May 26), developed by the Iranian company Qods Aviation Industries.

Mohajer-6 drones are capable of carrying up to four Qaem-5 bombs, each weighing about 20-25 kg.

Qaem-5 bombs use optical, thermal, and laser guidance systems and their combinations, allowing for precise operations in various weather conditions, the Army Recognition portal wrote. This type of projectile can independently adjust its trajectory for accurate targeting. The bomb is equipped with an 8.5 kg warhead of explosive material.

Warheads with fragmentation, incendiary, and direct impact (kinetic energy) have been introduced for these bombs, providing them with destructive capabilities of various natures, Western military observers previously wrote.

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The Ukrainian military managed to intercept and "down" a Qods Mohajer-6 reconnaissance-strike drone almost intact using electronic warfare equipment in September 2022. This UAV carried Qaem-5 glide bombs with TV guidance.

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