Ireland Baldwin takes on the tabloids for 'trash news' in epic Instagram rant

Wendy Geller
Writer, Yahoo Entertainment

Ireland Baldwin, the 22-year-old model-actress daughter of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger, has long been tabloid fodder — starting as far back as age 11, when she was infamously called “a thoughtless little pig” by her father in a ranting phone call. She has since kept gossip afloat by posing nude (multiple times) and fending off various dating rumors.

Well, now the model has declared time is up on being clickbait, and she decided to clap back at the tabloids before they could peck any more at her.

In an epic rant on Instagram, Baldwin — oddly dressed in a Teletubbies costume — calls out OK! magazine for allegedly wanting to resurface a St. Patrick’s Day incident that she claims already ran in the U.K. outlet Daily Mail.

The post Baldwin appears to be referencing is this one, where she is exiting a Los Angeles bar, and in which the outlet raises a virtual eyebrow at her revealing dress (unbuttoned to show most of her bra), unkempt appearance, and lack of a coat on a chilly night.

However, Baldwin writes off all this as being what “most 22-year-olds were doing on St. Patrick’s Day.” She admits she had too much beer and was therefore unsteady coming out of the bar — and points out she was waiting for an Uber, not driving herself home drunk.

Given her side of the story, the tone of the article does come off as a bit alarmist (“They want to write about how I am a cry for help,” Baldwin grumbled).

Ireland Baldwin attends the NYFW Sherri Hill runway show in February. (Photo: Jennifer Graylock/Getty Images North America)  

And she does have an explanation for losing her temper on social media:

“Since I was a young child, I’ve lived my entire life under a microscope, forever being analyzed by a bunch of complete morons. From publicly living through my parents divorce, to every wardrobe malfunction, private conversation, fun night out drinking with friends, checking MYSELF into a rehab facility for Post Traumatic Stress, to everything that falls in between, I have no idea what privacy truly feels like.”

That said, Baldwin doesn’t seem to be too afraid of the spotlight. In February, she chose to copy her mother’s iconic PETA ad from years ago, showing off her entire lean physique to raise awareness for animal rights.

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