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This Iris top-entry litter box ended my long search for a cat commode — here's why

Iris top-entry litter box
The upshot of the Iris? Satisfied cats, a clean floor and a litter box that’s as easy on the eyes. (Amazon)

In this house, we don’t hiss and tell. But given that we have two very frisky cats, we’ve been on a perpetual quest to find the best shareable litter box. It’s been a bit of a Goldilocks situation, to tell the truth. The self-cleaning one is too big (and too pricey to refill). The very fancy top-entry option is too bulky — so oversized that it almost needs its own room. The no-frills plastic containers are fine, but our feline friends don’t respect their boundaries, so the result is cat poop on the floor and litter scattered far and wide.

And as any cat parent knows, an angry cat who doesn’t like its lavatory will do its business elsewhere, which puts furniture and bedding at risk. So you gotta get this right.

I asked around, and on the recommendation of another cat mom, I got the super-affordable Iris top-entry litter box. It comes in two sizes, and I opted for the larger one (my lady feline is on the curvy side). Turns out the Iris is a lifesaver — and its benefits go way beyond its price.

The Iris has a top entrance, so litter stays inside the box when the cat is furiously burying poop.

$38 at Amazon

What makes the Iris the cat’s meow? The tall walls of the top entry mean that litter doesn't go flying out when the kitties bury their treasures. It also offers privacy, which I imagine cats appreciate (based on their cagey personalities). Best of all, the top of the box is grooved, so it removes any stuck-on litter from the cat’s paws as it exits — like a little doormat to protect your floors.

The interior is roomy, so cats can move around and handle the situation without being scrunched. A rubber base keeps it from sliding. And it’s not at all bad to look at. The Iris comes in a variety of colors. Ours is white and salmon pink.

The Iris accommodates any type of litter (our cats prefer the clumping kind). I can attest that it’s big enough for two cats, measuring about 20.5 by 16 by 14.5 inches. Plus, it comes with a spot to hang the scooper (included), which helps you keep things even tidier.

Amazon shoppers are also big fans of the Iris, seeing as it has earned more than 27,000 five-star ratings.

The upshot? Two satisfied cats, one clean floor and a litter box that’s as easy on the eyes as it is on the wallet. In my book, that’s purrfect.

The Iris comes in multiple colors and even has a grooved lid that helps to remove litter from your cat’s paws. 

$38 at Amazon

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