Islamic Studies revision book justifies death sentence on apostates

Boo Su-Lyn
File photo of Siti Kasim. — file pic

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 22 — An Islamic Studies revision book for secondary school students reportedly rationalises executing apostates who leave Islam, according to Siti Kasim.

The activist highlighted a passage from “Focus SPM Pendidikan Islam Tingkatan 4 5” published by local publisher Pelangi that allegedly cited reasons for the death sentence on Muslims who leave the faith, like warning people that Islam cannot be toyed with, preventing apostates from influencing other Muslims, and preventing acts of degrading Islam.

“Since the news about wife beating came out, a Form 5 Student inbox me and showed me this.... Now, you tell me whether this is right or wrong?

“Please Dr Maszlee Malik @maszlee, you really need to look into the Agama Islam syllabus. This is horrendous!” Siti posted on Facebook today.

The Islamic Studies revision book for Form Four and Form Five students is touted as a Pelangi bestseller on its cover.

Siti earlier highlighted a question in a September/ October 2018 model examination paper for the Form Five Islamic Studies subject, issued by the Selangor Education Department, on how to beat a “disobedient” wife.

Students were asked to write a third answer besides the provided answers of “Not too much until it causes injury” and “Not on sensitive parts”.

“Is this what our Malay children learning in school?? What is this Dr Maszlee Malik @maszlee? Is this acceptable? What kind of trash are we teaching the kids in school?” Siti posted on Facebook yesterday.

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