Italy remains a much-lauded destination on

Italy is the country with the most award-winning accommodation properties on

With 130,253 award-winning accommodation providers, Italy continues to be the destination with the largest number of satisfied travelers on the reservation website. Spain is ranked second and France is the third-placed country in the "Traveler Review Awards." 

Every year, accommodation properties registered on receive a Traveler Review Award if they score highly in at least 5 reviews. Already at the top of the list in 2019, Italy has confirmed its leading position with 130,253 awards, ahead of Spain with 66,755 and France with 61,492. The rest of the ranking identifies a list of countries where a reservation on is a safe bet to ensure a happy stay: Germany (49,777), Croatia (42,763), USA (42,112), UK (41,848), Poland (36,793), Russia (36,296) and Greece (33,259).

Apartments topped the list in terms of accommodation type, representing almost 40% of award winners; and while hotels came second, a huge 75% of the winning properties are homes, apartments and other unique types of accommodations. 

In parallel with the Traveler Review Awards, also establishes a list of the Most Welcoming Places on Earth. The winners for 2020 are Göreme in Turkey, which maintains its title from last year, followed by Tatranská Lomnica (Slovakia), Phong Nha (Vietnam), Kobarid (Slovenia), Cochem (Germany), Doolin (Ireland), Taïtung City (Taiwan), Schenna (Italy), Monte Verde (Brazil) and Lake Tekapo (New Zealand).