ITE College West student wins hearts by offering a rose to a girl ahead of Valentine’s Day

A student offered a girl a white rose at ITE College West. (Screengrab: Facebook)

If you’re looking for the gutsiest lover in Singapore ahead of Valentine’s Day, one student from ITE College West might just fit the bill.

A video of the student kneeling before a group of girls with a white rose in one hand has gone viral on Facebook. The post, which was published on Wednesday afternoon (7 Feb), showed a recording of the romantic situation happening at what looked like the school’s forum – an open space connecting its technology, administration and business blocks.

A student offers a girl a white rose at ITE College West. (Photo: Facebook)

In the minute-long clip, you can hear what seems like the whole school cheering the male student for being courageous. The crowd jeered when the group of girls stood up to walk away, but one of them held back and grabbed the stalk from the boy’s hand before scurrying off.

The students in the background then roared and cheered for the boy, who then got up on his feet posing victoriously in front of his “audience”.

The clip has been viewed more than 200,000 times and has garnered over 5,000 shares, as well as positive comments praising the boy for being a ballsy romantic.

Watch the full video below:

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