Jack Lim presents 1st period film

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Jack Lim presents 1st period film

7 Aug – Not to be outdone by fellow Chinese actor who is also a rapper and director, Namewee, actor and also MYFM DJ and producer Jack Lim has been planning his next big splash on the silver screen after news about his Malay gangster film, "Balistik" have passed on, which is to make the first local Chinese period film, the 2013 Chinese New Year movie currently known as "Once Upon A Time".

Lim revealed that his latest production is a feature film version of the popular MYFM radio skit "Wang Guang Can Lan", which is translated to "Palace Stories" in English; a programme has been entertaining local radio listeners with a mixture of Chinese palace culture and current affairs for almost a decade.

"This time we will bring you back to 6000 years ago to see the story of how a lazy and glutton Chinese Emperor, which will be portrayed by me, survives with his servants Lord Turtle, Eunuch Tok and Yu-Fa during the ancient times and how they deal with their new lives in the modern society after coming into contact with a mysterious time machine that brings them to the year 2013," said Lim.

According to Lim, he expected to spend more than RM3 million for the overall production.

"Initially, we planned to film in China, but we have 30 to 40 artists involved in the movie. After taking their schedules into consideration, we decided to build our own set in Malaysia and shoot the entire film here instead. The set that we are building has already costs us RM1 million. Overall, the production cost will most likely to exceed RM3 million. I just hope we can keep the budget within RM4 million."

Produced by The Film Engine, "Once Upon A Time" will be directed by Silver, the same man who helmed the camera for "Ah Beng The Movie: Three Wishes". The film features a well-known cast line-up of Jack Lim, Gan Mei Yan, Vivian Tok, Jeff Chin, Wan Wai Fun, Royce Tan, Bernard Hiew, Jason Pang, Chen Keat Yoke, Susan Lankester and award-winning Malay legend Rosyam Nor, who had also invited Jack Lim to star in his new gangster movie called "Balistik".

Lim and his team will start shooting "Once Upon A Time" specifically on 11 September at 5am, as a Feng Shui master opined that it will bring good luck.

The film tells the story of a playful, idle and gluttonous emperor (Jack Lim) who is forced to go into hiding in the forbidden room with his two servants, Eunuch Tok and Yu-Fa, when his palace is stormed by rebels. However, in the room is a time machine that transports them into the year 2013, and amid the many misunderstandings and surprises they encounter, they discover that they have also gained supernatural powers and immortality.

"Once Upon A Time" is expected to be released in cinemas in Malaysia on 7 February 2013.