Jack Nicholson: ‘I don’t deny’ being ‘a womaniser’

Jack Nicholson may have a reputation for being a ladies' man, but regretting it is not on his bucket list.

In a new interview with the U.K. Sun, the 75-year-old three-time Oscar winner admitted to a number of regrets, including his temper and not being around for his oldest daughter. But, according to Nicholson, "it's the things that you do NOT do in life that cause regret."

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So, when it comes to the actor's relationships with women (he was married once and has been linked to a string of Tinseltown beauties over his five-decade career, including Angelica Houston and Lara Flynn Boyle), he has no cause for concern.

"I am an extreme person," Nicholson said. "If someone says: 'Jack, you are a womaniser,' I don't deny it."

The "As Good As It Gets" star admitted that there are a number of women he has "seen, intimately, for a very long time," but that he thinks "the life of a gigolo always ends badly."

"That is one of the reasons I feel uncomfortable about all that 'sex legend" stuff,'" he said.

These days, Nicholson is content with being the Los Angeles Lakers' biggest fan and starring in the odd movie. His last film was "How Do You Know" in 2010.

"I no longer have the energy to both work and fool around," Nicholson told the Sun. "So the last few movies I've done, I have hardly left the hotel at nights."

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But that doesn't mean Nicholson isn't still desired. In August, Meryl Streep (who starred with him in 1986's "Heartburn") admitted she would still "shag" him.

Or maybe she's just a really good friend.

"Put your trust in people and friends," Nicholson told the Sun as a last piece of advice. "They will still be around when the wild days are over."