Jackie Chan has no clue on son's drug use

Jackie Chan has no clue on son's drug use

20 Nov – Jackie Chan recently confessed of being clueless about his son Jaycee Chan's drug use.

As reported on Tencent Entertainment, the actor, who was in Kowloon to shoot his new move "Skiptrace", with co-stars Fan Bingbing and Leo Ku on 17 November, stated that neither he nor Jaycee's mother, Joan Lin, knew about their son's activities.

"If I knew about it, I would have beaten him to death!" Jackie exclaimed.

However, the action star believes that his son is not an addict and only uses drug for recreation.

"He is too naive. He thought that there will be no problem. But he got into trouble instead," said Jackie. "But I believe he will change after this. He will become a new man."

In the meantime, Jackie said that he has not seen his son and has not been informed about the date of Jaycee's trial.

In regard to his wife, the actor said that Joan is still deeply affected by the case, and is not ready to meet the public just yet.

(Photo source: thenet.ng)