‘Jackpot eh, jackpot’: Violent fight breaks out near Circular Road area [VIDEO]

Pulsating music, beer bottles, lots of people… nope, this is not the set of a club but instead a fight that turned violent in Circular Road.

Punches and kicks were thrown as a group of men turned rowdy on the streets, as two groups of men were seen sparring each other within earshot of loud music, while onlookers were watching the action on the sidelines.

The incident was filmed and uploaded to Facebook in the wee hours by a user called Kesh Kaajhuab Kanth who captioned the video with “At Circular Road in Singapore”.

The Circular Road area is known for being a hotbed of nightlife in Singapore, with bars, discos, and late-night grub serving those who like to party and let their hair down.

In the video, which has been viewed some 56,000 times as of press time, a tall and bald man is seen kicking another man on the streets away from the crowd of men.

Meanwhile, a stout-looking man advances towards a much taller man standing on a platform and delivers a punch which quickly gets blocked by the other party.

Not to be deterred, the stout man retreats and prances fighter-style before delivering a roundhouse kick to the other man, who then pushes the shorter dude back on the road and onto a white car passing by.

Having seen this, the bald man runs up behind Mr Pusher and does the ultimate knockout punch to his head, causing him to land flat on the floor.

The stout man then throws his hands up in the air in victory, while shouting: “Jackpot eh, jackpot”.

As one of the bystanders tries to break up the fight, he too ends up being punched in the face by the stout man.

None of their faces could be identifiable and their identities, verifiable by video.

That didn’t stop many commenters from chiming in on the incident, mainly pointing out how 1) oddly satisfying the one-punch blow was (we don’t condone violence here at Coconuts) and 2) how these types of “gangsters” don’t survive long under the watchful eye of the Singapore police.

(Photo: Facebook screengrab)

Here’s a tip when you’re heading out to drink: Please don’t do this. Keep your drama to yourself and leave politely. Don’t cause a scene, thank you very much.

(Unless, of course, you would like to be featured in a Coconuts article.)

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