Jacky Wu denies ulterior motives to Jerry-Lin reconciliation

23 Nov – Taiwanese entertainer Jacky Wu recently defended good friend Jerry Yan, following reports that the actor is using Lin Chi-ling to gain publicity for his upcoming project.

As reported on China Times, recently, amid reports of reconciliation between the former couple, another rumour sparked that Jerry is set to make a debut as a filmmaker, and that his recent rendezvous with Lin was just a ploy to attract attention to his new project.

But when asked about it recently, Jacky, who was approached by the media on a show, shared that Jerry is an introvert who would never been able to plan such a tactic to gain attention.

"I think that two people who are right for each other are like magnets. They will always be drawn back towards each other," he said.

He added that Jerry and Lin are right for one another and that nothing could ever force such a chemistry.

When asked if he has talked to Jerry about the recent reports, Jacky said that the actor hopes to keep things low-profile, and that he will respect Jerry's wishes.

(Photo Source: China Times)