Jaguar Land Rover developing head-up display that could stream 3D movies

Jaguar Land Rover is developing a head-up display that can offer passengers 3D entertainment

On Tuesday, Jaguar Land Rover revealed that they are developing a next-generation head-up display that could project Augmented Reality (AR) safety information in front of drivers and 3-D entertainment in front of passengers.

In a world on the cusp of an autonomous, ride-sharing future, Jaguar Land Rover is developing a new 3D head-up technology that will bring passengers AR-powered information and entertainment.

In the meantime and while people are still in control of their vehicles, the head-up display will simply project live safety information in front of the driver. Potential alerts to be beamed up "through" the windshield include hazard detection warnings and satellite navigation.

According to the company, AR technology would "add the perception of depth to the image by mapping the messages directly onto the road ahead."

In the future when autonomous driving is approved by national regulators, Jaguar Land Rover intends to use this technology to let passengers watch 3D movies. Using eye and head tracking tech, passengers in any seat will be able to see the images in 3D without needing their own screen, though having multiple screens would allow individuals to individually select their own immersive entertainment.

This head-up technology is being designed to propel Jaguar Land Rover towards its "Destination Zero," the company's ambitious vision and accompanying policies to make people and the environment healthier and safer.