Jaipur IT company grants employees leave to watch popular web series 'Money Heist'

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Abhishek Jain, CEO of verve Logic (Photo/ANI)
Abhishek Jain, CEO of verve Logic (Photo/ANI)

Jaipur (Rajasthan) [India], September 1 (ANI): The level of craze is so high for Money Heist Season 5, to be released on September 3, that a Jaipur-based IT company has declared a holiday for its employees on Friday to watch the new season of the web series.

Abhishek Jain, CEO of the company, Verve Logic, told ANI, "All the employees are toiling away for the past two years. We decided to give some free time and thought of showing them a web series in office."

"But then we thought of giving a day leave to them to watch the web series which will be released on Netflix on 3rd September. We will give a subscription to the platform to those who don't have it. Everyone is excited and happy," said Jain.

According to the company, giving a day off during a tight schedule will help the employees to spend some quality time with their family members and will help reduce stress.

The company issued a notification declaring the holiday, stating that 'Sometimes moments of chill be the best pills for energy at your work'.

The CEO signing off with Bella Ciao Bella Ciao, added: "We know after all the stress & hustle, 'Ek break toh banta hai'. (ANI)

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