Jaishankar proposes framework to optimize UN peacekeeping missions

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New York (USA), Aug 18 (ANI): While addressing at the UNSC Open Debate on 'Technology and Peacekeeping', External Affairs Minister of India S Jaishankar proposed four-point framework to optimize UN peacekeeping missions against contemporary threats. He said, "First, we must focus on operationally proven, cost-effective, widely available, reliable and field-serviceable technologies. These must also prioritize mobility, both in the sense of agile manoeuvrability of mission assets and in the sense of the use of mobile digital / IT platforms.” "Second, we need a sound information and intelligence foundation. Only this will ensure early warning and mobilizing a coherent and early response. A reliable, high fidelity means to collect, use, process and share information and data will create advantages from the start for peacekeeping missions." "Thirdly, we must contribute to ensuring that technological improvements are continuous and are available on the ground, in the gear peacekeepers carry and the weapons and tools they use to enhance their mobility, performance, endurance, range, and load-carrying capabilities while guaranteeing their safety and security." "Fourthly, consistent training and capacity building of peacekeepers in the realm of technology needs attention and investment. It is with this in mind that India is committed to long term engagement with the UNC4ISR Academy for Peace Operations in Entebbe, Uganda, to meet the training needs, link it with available technological capability, and shape future requirements."

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