JAL Dreamliner makes emergency landing in Honolulu

This file photo taken on January 15, 2014 shows a Japan Airlines (JAL) Boeing 787 Dreamliner leaving the gate at Narita international airport in Chiba prefecture, suburban Tokyo

Japan Airlines said Sunday its Dreamliner flight from Tokyo to San Francisco made an emergency landing in Honolulu, reportedly due to a possible problem with its hydraulic system. The pilot of flight JL002, carrying 171 passengers and crew, decided to divert to Hawaii after a warning message about falling pressure of lubricant oil in its right engine, according to Japanese national broadcaster NHK. NHK said that there was no fire and no injuries. In a short statement on its website, JAL said the jet had landed in Honolulu due to "maintenance issues". "This flight terminated its operation at Honolulu International Airport," the announcement said. JAL officials could not be reached for immediate comment. Boeing's 787 Dreamliner has suffered a series of problems since coming into service two years ago, including a global grounding of its fleet over battery system problems. Boeing admitted that despite months of testing it did not know the root cause of the battery problems, but rolled out modifications it said would ensure the issue did not recur.

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