James Corden's best Late Late Show moments as he celebrates 5 years of the programme

Lollie King, Gareth Richman

Five years ago, James Corden embarked on a new adventure across the pond and began his role as host of The Late Late Show.

The show is watched by millions worldwide and firmly cemented Corden as a household name in the States and beyond.

From Carpool Karaoke to the Crosswalk musicals, the shows has never been short of laughs.

The hilarious D+J briefs really set the bar for the skits, as David Beckham, in all his chiselled glory, was joined by Corden for a fake infomercial - and there were smizes a plenty.

Corden really committed to his model persona, joining Beckham in giving off a number of sultry stares, while the tag line 'D&J Briefs: Underwear for a man with a great body' had everyone in stitches.

Fast forward to March 2019 and Corden unveiled potentially the greatest prank of his time with the fake Beckham statue. Beckham looked absolutely bewildered as he was presented with a figure bearing very little likeness to him, complete with a huge chin, giant behind, wonky eyes and long gangly arms - a far cry from his model looks.

He exclaimed: “My wife’s coming over. It’s lucky my kids aren’t coming over because if my kids were to see this … honestly, I don’t want to offend you in any way, but this is such a big thing for me.

“There’s no way that can go in front of the stadium. It’s embarrassing.”

Another popular skit sees Corden join a star to reenact their filmography in record time.

With Tom Hanks, Corden acted out everything from Castaway to Forrest Gump way back in March 2015.

Then there's Carpool Karaoke, the hit segment which has seen stars including Adele, BTS and even Michelle Obama take a seat next to Corden for a ride to work.

Corden certainly enjoys showcasing his musical skills, as he did during the Crosswalk the Musical Beauty and the Beast, in March 2017 with Josh Gad, Dan Stevens and Luke Evans joining in.

And if you're still doubting Corden's hosting and comedy abilities, check out this as guided by the likes of Jay Leno and Arnold Schwarzenegger, Corden is pushed to the limit in a sketch modelled on Charlie and The Chocolate Factory.

Corden's anniversary show plans were dashed by the coronavirus crisis, which has led to Late, Late Show filming being postponed, but he hasn't let that stop him celebrating.

He said earlier this week: "This is the strangest, strangest time and all we’ve ever wanted to do on our show is bring you some light in the dark, in the corner of your room every night and we’re going to do our best at some point to continue trying to do that.”

Check out the gallery above for all of the Late, Late Show's best bits.

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