Jamie Oliver makes gag appearance on Canadian food series Epic Meal Time

Nadine Kalinauskas
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Jamie Oliver recently made a guest appearance — seemingly involuntarily — on the Canadian online food series Epic Meal Time.

Epic Meal Time is as a weekly YouTube cooking show known for creating extremely high-calorie meals, often involving the Canadian staple of bacon.

In a joke video, the Montreal "food pornographers" kidnap the British healthy-eating crusader, gag him with candy, then stuffed him in their fridge before getting to work on an artery clogging fish-sandwich, as a homage to cuisine across the pond.

"Who put you up to this? Is it Gordon Ramsay?" Oliver shouts from the fridge.

Dubbed the "greasiest fish-and-chips sandwich you ever laid your eyes upon," the massive creation includes plenty of bacon, French fries, cheese — and a whopping 50 McDonald's Filet-O-Fish sandwiches.

Jack Daniel's also played an important role in the French Canadians' cooking strategy.

When completed, the sandwich totalled an almost unheard of 59,144 calories and 2,840 grams of fat.

The Epic Meal Time crew then tried to feed to it to the beloved chef. Fortunately for Oliver, he wasn't up to the task and left the eating to the sandwich's creators.

Jamie Oliver was last seen running away from the scene of the crime, frantically seeking edamame.

Can't get enough of the epic calorie bombs? Find them all on the Epic Meal Time's YouTube page.

Or, if you'd rather eat fish and chips and not worry about cardiac arrest, here's how to make a healthy baked version of the classic British fare.

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