Jamie Otis opens up about becoming 'confident in my post-baby body'

The reality star shared about embracing her post-baby body and focusing on making memories with her children.

Jamie Otis is sharing how she "gave up caring" about her body insecurities.

On Monday, the 36-year-old "Married At First Sight" star took to Instagram with a sun-soaked video of herself at the beach, wearing a pair of white high-waisted swimsuit bottoms and a green-and-white polka dot top.

She paired the clip with an inspirational caption about embracing her post-baby body so that she can focus on making memories with her children — five-year-old Henley and two-year-old Hendrix.

"Twenty years from now, you'd give anything to be this exact age, exactly this healthy, and to be in this exact moment," the on-screen text read as Otis chased after her toddler in the sand.

In the caption, she began by explaining that when she takes her kids to the beach, she doesn't "relax" while they play.

"I am not that mom," she penned. "I spend the whole time chasing my two-year-old so he won't crush all the sand castles!"

"But I am that mom who gave up caring about my belly rolls and lumpy cellulite and just put the suit on anyway," Otis wrote.

She added that learning to be "confident" in her post-baby body "has been a process."

"Some days I feel super good, others I still wanna hide," she admitted. "But every day I keep trying because I don't wanna miss out on these memories with my children, and I want them to grow up knowing that saggy skin, stretched-out skin, and lumpy skin is normal."

The "Bachelor" alum concluded by sharing her advice for feeling confident in a swimsuit.

"Having the right swimsuit that makes you feel confident because it covers up your muffin top and hugs you in all the right places will make you feel good," she wrote.

Otis urged her followers not to "let another summer go by where you're not swimming because you don't feel like you're your 'goal weight.' Just get a suit that fits you now and go have fun."

In the comments, Otis's post was met with praise for the important reminder.

"Thank you for continuing to remind us that our mom-bods are to be loved as well!," one person wrote.

Another penned: "Your videos remind me that it’s more important to focus on the moments and memories than how I look."

"Love this," someone else added. "You have honestly helped me with my self-confidence, so thank you."

"Love your posts. You're so honest," a fan shared.

In March, Otis shared another body-positive video about swimming with her kids, despite not having had time to shave.

"Making core memories with my babies," she captioned it.

She revealed that she used to be "hard on herself" for having "body hair, cellulite and fat rolls," before realizing her husband and kids "could not care less about any of that."

"I stopped pressuring myself to be what I thought was 'perfect' and gosh, there's such a freedom in being able to have a bikini line full of razor burn and hair and still put the suit on and let your kiddos swim between your legs at a public pool," Otis wrote.

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