Janie and Jack Taps PredictSpring for POS Platform

Janie and Jack have integrated PredictSpring’s Modern POS platform into 106 of the retailer’s stores to improve the omnichannel shopping experience for consumers.

The childrenswear brand was able to onboard the technology in 18 weeks, which aligns with parent company Go Global Retail’s growth strategy.

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PredictSpring said in a statement that its omnichannel solution “unifies the online and in-store shopping experience and empowers Janie and Jack store associates to manage inventory, consult with customers and complete transactions swiftly.”

Mo Beig, executive vice president and chief financial officer at Janie and Jack, said the brand “is a design house with every kid at its heart, and we are thrilled to continue meeting the needs of our customers through the integration of PredictSpring’s Modern POS system. The transition from our legacy POS system to PredictSpring’s Modern POS has revolutionized our ability to provide highly personalized, fast and seamless omnichannel journeys to our valued customers.”

The integration occurs as retailers and brands increase investments in technologies aimed at making the front-end and back operations smoother while also giving front-end associates the ability to deliver a true omnichannel experience for customers.

Jeff Streader, managing partner of Go Global Retail, which owns Janie and Jack, Modcloth and Brums Milano, said the move “from a legacy application to a cloud-based omnichannel-focused solution is an important step in our overall digital transformation within our premium children’s brand and part of the Go Global Retail growth playbook.”

The benefits of the integration include omnichannel capabilities, “unifying in-store and online shopping into one seamless journey” while also offering clienteling services. PredictSpring said microservices-based API architecture can be integrated with Janie and Jack’s CRM and other backend systems. The integration also offers real-time order and inventory management along with improvements to real-time reports. Remote payment options for ship-from-store orders are also available.

Nitin Mangtani, founder and chief executive officer of PredictSpring, said onboarding the platform to the retailer will help its store associates “meet the rapidly evolving demands of the modern consumer. It has been rewarding to support Janie and Jack’s complex integration needs in such record time, a testament to our powerful APIs and true omnichannel capabilities.”

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