Japan: ‘Station work’ becoming popular during Covid-19

Tokyo (Japan), Aug 20 (ANI): In the wake of Coronavirus pandemic, the culture of remote work has become common in Japan. But sometimes, when the option of working at home is not available, people are compelled to use public facility or places like restaurant or café for work. This however, is problem as restaurants and cafes lack privacy. For people in the business, it would not be appropriate to sit in cafes for professional talks, for their might be noise in the background. These booths are a solution to the problem. Known as “Station Work”, these ultra-small offices are located inside train station and can be booked online as well as opened with a code scanner that is sent to your smart phone, and can be used directly if vacant. The booth is soundproof and is has enough space for one person to work. A computer can be placed on small table and could be connected to the Internet. There is also an air cleaner and sanitizer as a precaution against Corona virus. These booths were designed before the Corona pandemic for the use of businessman and corporate employee who, may suddenly need to use the Internet, or charge their smartphone or computer, or make urgent call while traveling by train,. However, in light of the Corona pandemic, its use has increased significantly. These booths are place strategically to offer an additional advantage for train stations provides quick access to many places. Companies in Japan are urged to allow seventy percent of their employees to work remotely to control the spread of the Corona virus. It seems that these reasonably priced booths are becoming an indispensable place to work and communicate for many working people.

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