Japanese activist sends a stake to Seoul court

News Desk in Seoul/The Korea Herald

Seoul (The Korea Herald/ANN) -

The Seoul Central District Court said on Wednesday that they received a wooden stake from Japanese radical right-wing activist Suzuki Nobuyuki.

The 1-meter-long stake was sent from the ultra-right Japanese party member by express mail to the Korean court at 10 a.m. It allegedly looked similar to the one that he placed last year near the statue of a sex slave in front of the Japanese Embassy in Seoul, claiming Japan's ownership to the Dokdo islets.

Suzuki was supposed to attend the first trial that day for defamation charges by posting the stake at the monument of Yun Bong-gil, the Korean independence fighter in Kanazawa, Japan. But he ignored the court's summons and sent the post instead.

The court sent the stake back as the Korean prosecutors did last September when Suzuki sent the post to the office, refusing to appear in the trial filed by former Korean sex slaves.