Japanese artist creates flesh-like accessories

STORY: Location: Kawasaki, Japan

Would you use this coin purse that looks like human flesh?

This Japanese DJ drew inspiration from horror and sci-fi movies

to create a series of hyper-realistic functional accessories

This eye dice has a realistic blinking function activated by a remote control

[Masataka Shishido, Japanese artist and DJ]

“I’m a DJ and I produce music. I created a fleshy MIDI pad controller as artwork for my album, and that’s how I started. I want everyone to know that I like horror and science fiction movies, so I made an album sleeve with the idea of combining human flesh with the machine that I use to make music.”

Shishido draws the design by hand before having it made using silicon

It takes about one to two months to turn an idea into a realistic artwork

Of the 30 fleshy objects he's designed so far, he says the eyes and mouth are most popular

Shishido even gets customized orders to replicate customers’ own eyes and mouth

and sells his products to celebrities including American rapper Lil Yachty

“At the beginning, almost everyone felt it was gross when I made the fleshy MIDI pad controller and iPhone case. Gradually, people realized that it wasn’t all that disgusting, after I created objects that can be used as stamps, and a mouth-shaped coin case that you can put coins through the lips and carry around. Once people learned that it’s a piece of art with some specific function, they started saying it’s cute and interesting."