Japan's Okinawa Suspends Inoculation At Mass Vaccination Site After More Moderna Shots Found Contaminated

Japan's Okinawa prefectural government said it suspended inoculation at a mass Covid-19 vaccination site after another batch of Moderna Inc jabs was found to be contaminated.

The decision on Sunday came after previous contaminated Moderna shots were halted from use, reports Xinhua news agency.

Two people, both in their 30's, had died after receiving Moderna m-RNA COVID-19 vaccine shots from a batch whose use was later suspended after it was found that they may have been contaminated.

Before black and pink substances were found in a vial and three syringes during pre-inoculation inspections, over 1,500 people were waiting to receive shots at the vaccination site in Naha a day earlier.

The prefectural government said that the syringes were filled with vaccines from three different vials, which are also separate from the vial containing the substances, meaning a total of four vials may have been polluted.

These vials belong to the same lot number, 3005293, which is different from three other lot numbers identified by Japan's health ministry as potentially contaminated doses on August 26.

Approximately 880 people received shots under this lot number at the vaccination site. The local government said that so far it has not received any reports of health issues.

The Health, Labour and Welfare Ministry said on August 27 that foreign substances have been found in 39 unused vials at eight vaccination sites in five prefectures.

On the same day, about 1.63 million doses that came from the same production line of a Spanish factory were suspended to use as a precaution.

The contaminant problem happened amid a spike in Covid-19 infections in Japan, with Okinawa and 20 other prefectures, out of the total 47, under a state of emergency.

The Okinawa government said the mass vaccination site will resume inoculation on Monday with safe jabs.

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