Jason Momoa's 'Slumberland' Role Has Fans All Saying The Same Thing About The Actor

jason momoa
Slumberland fans say same thing about Jason MomoaGetty Images

Jason Momoa can literally do no wrong in our eyes - from his film roles to his wholesome Instagram updates and his recent trend for, err, getting naked all the time.

As for the actor's latest venture, he's starring in new Netflix film Slumberland - about a young girl (Nemo, played by Marlow Barkley) who finds a secret map to the titular dreamworld, setting out on an adventure with eccentric outlaw Flip (Momoa).

The film arrived in cinemas on 11 November, landing on Netflix a week later (18 November). And, aside from sharing the love for their newfound favourite character (that's the pig, FYI), Slumberland viewers are all saying the same thing about lead star Jason.

slumberland viewers say same thing about jason momoa

Taking on a refreshing kids' movie role, Slumberland sees Jason starring as Flip, a loveable rogue-type outlaw who befriends young Nemo when she finds her way into the dream world of Slumberland. Flip becomes Nemo's companion and guide as the pair set out on a breathtaking journey through dreams and nightmares - all while Nemo hopes to reunite with her father who is lost at sea.

Fans have been quick to praise Jason's Slumberland performance online, shouting out the actor for being even funnier than expected in the fantasy story.

slumberland viewers say same thing about jason momoa

One viewer tweeted, "Flip in @Netflix's Slumberland is so much fun. Jason Momoa is way funnier than I could have imagined."

Another chimed in, "Slumberland is so funny! Good good job, Jason Momoa 👏," while a third wrote, "Jason Momoa in Slumberland on Netflix is so funny." A fourth gushed about the film on Twitter before adding, "And who knew Jason Momoa was so funny?"

A man of many talents!

Slumberland is streaming now on Netflix.

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