Jay Chou plans proposal like a music video

Jay Chou plans proposal like a music video

27 Dec – Though he earlier denied rumours saying that he has proposed to Hannah Quinlivan in London's Hyde Park, Jay Chou recently admitted that he had indeed proposed to her in England.

As reported on Tencent Entertainment, the Taiwanese singer-songwriter, who appeared at the press conference in Taipei announcing his new album "Aiyo, Not Bad" on 25 December, stated that he had planned for the marriage proposal for a long time.

"It was like planning a music video," said Jay, who revealed that he also arranged for fireworks for the occasion, much to Hannah's surprise and delight.

When asked about his family planning, Jay stated that as an only child, he hopes to have five children.

"They can form a band, and I will teach them how to play the piano so they can compose songs for me," the singer joked. "That way, they won't have to rely on their daddy, but their daddy will rely on them!"

In regard to his wedding reception, Jay admitted that he will be holding the wedding abroad on 18 January, and will have another banquet in Taipei, but declined to reveal the specific location.

(Photo source: chinayes.com)