The Jay Kim Show with Monk’s Hill Managing Partner Peng T. Ong

Jay Kim

Ong worked first as a Founder of three successful companies (including and started Monk’s Hill Ventures in Singapore

Peng T. Ong founded Monk’s Hill Ventures (with fellow schoolmate Kuo-Yi Lim) which invests in Southeast Asian companies with global-impact potential.

In today’s episode you’ll learn:

  • About Peng’s entrepreneurial successes and exits
  • About Monk’s Hill Ventures — the name and the mission
  • About the types of companies and CEOs Monk’s Hill Ventures invests in
  • About macro trends in Southeast Asia
  • Peng’s advice for aspiring entrepreneurs

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Detailed show notes

  • (1:01) Peng’s educational and career history
  • (2:18) Why Peng decided to get involved in tech startups right after university
  • (3:59) Why Peng decided to become an investor
  • (7:13) An overview of the three companies Peng founded and exited
  • (9:25) Peng explains the name Monk’s Hill Ventures
  • (12:07) The mission of Monk’s Hill Ventures
  • (14:27) Macro trends in Southeast Asia
  • (16:41) Peng describes his criteria for investing in a company
  • (19:33) Why Monk’s Hill Ventures Series A investment company
  • (22:24) Peng describes the involvement level of Monk’s Hill in the companies they invest in
  • (26:26) Tips for investing in Southeast Asia
  • (30:28) Peng discloses some companies in which Monk’s Hill has invested
  • (32:54) Peng’s advice for aspiring entrepreneurs

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