Jay Park touched by M'sian fans

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Jay Park touched by M'sian fans

14 May – Malaysia is among the few that has been overtaken by the K-pop craze, the latest amongst teenage girls, despite the fact that not every fan understood the language of their favourite idols.

The most recent example of this craze can be seen during former 2PM member Jay Park's recent visit to Malaysia to promote his latest album titled "New Breed", as well as to make a special live performance for fans at the KL Life Centre, Kuala Lumpur yesterday.

Moved by the overwhelming support that he received from fans in Malaysia which saw throngs of teenage and adult girls screaming and yelling whenever he makes a move, the 25-year-old hunk generously shared his experience about becoming an international artist.

"What makes me the happiest is that there are many who support and like what I do and accept my musical style. This is one of the best experiences I've had ever since going solo.

"However, it's sad when I have to be far away from my family and friends because I'm too busy with my work. Fortunately, my family has moved to South Korea to be with me," said Park during a press conference at the Hotel Double Tree Hilton recently.

Meanwhile, Park would be spending time with lucky fans for a game of basketball at Sri KDU, Kota Damansara, at 6pm today.

"New Breed" is Park's first full-length Korean album that has been topping music charts around the world.

Besides Malaysia, Park has and will also be visiting other countries in Asia for his promotional tour, which includes Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia and also Japan. Along with singing, rapping and dancing, Park has also starred in a few films, most notably in a short skit alongside Ryan Higa and Philip Wang from Wong Fu Productions titled "Word of the Day – Bromance" (2010), "Immortal Song 2" (2011-12) and "Music & Lyrics" (2012).