Jean Paul Gaultier needed 'couture' hair

Jean Paul Gaultier model

Jean Paul Gaultier's hair stylist doesn't want her work to "take over".

The designer's latest couture collection showed at Paris Haute Couture fashion week on Wednesday, where models sported eccentric 'dos.

One look saw locks piled up on top of the head in a huge bun that reached about a foot in height.

Despite being a huge statement, stylist Odile Gilbert was careful not to let the locks get in the way of the clothes on display.

“I want my hair to be noticed, but I don’t want it to take over,” she told “This is a couture show, not a hair show.”

Other looks showed tresses twisted up into bold red rollers, while some 'dos featured a leopard print pattern.

Odile is given fairly free reign when it comes to her styles and is pleased Jean Paul is so open minded.

“He loves hair,” she smiled.

“What I love about Jean Paul, because I’ve worked with a lot of designers, is that he always wants a certain sense of humour in the hair."

One of her favourite looks was the wild leopard-print hair.

“I did it before for John [Galliano], for his first couture collection at Dior, but in a totally different way,” she remembered.

The creative hairstyles were complemented by fairly low-key make-up.

Lloyd Simmonds was in charge of the cosmetics and revealed a little more behind the smoky-eye looks.

“He said he wanted the make-up to be very ‘couture,’” he said.

“Instead of one shade of brown shadow, there are six shades of brown shadow; you just spend more time."

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