Jeep will have 4xe plug-in hybrid models across the lineup by 2025

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Unsurprisingly, Jeep was a major part of the Stellantis EV Day, and the brand is expanding its plug-in hybrid 4xe line drastically, with 4xe models for every crossover and SUV "segment." We take that to mean every model, since the most overlap in the Jeep lineup is with the Compass and Renegade, and they already have 4xe versions on sale in Europe.

Further evidence that all the Jeep models will have 4xe trims is that the company confirmed that both Grand Cherokee and Wagoneer models will be getting the variants. The company noted that the Grand Cherokee is a new announcement. We assume they didn't highlight Wagoneer more clearly since the concept was shown as a plug-in hybrid already. Unfortunately, no powertrain details were given for either. The Wrangler's four-cylinder plug-in hybrid power train would seem like a strong contender, since it makes 375 horsepower and 470 pound-feet of torque that would comfortably move the large SUVs.

Outside of the 4xe news, Jeep showed a sizzle reel of futuristic features that might be available on Jeeps. Some of them included drone pairing and autonomous and remote off-road functionality. We're not so sure how likely all those features will be offered, but the brand gave itself till 2030 for some of them.

Later in the EV Day presentation, Stellantis mentioned an all-new Jeep off-road EV, a "white space" vehicle, so it won't be any existing one. It showed a bunch of silhouettes, and one of them was a boxy four-door reminiscent of the Land Rover Defender or possibly the Toyota 4Runner. Also, Stellantis is going to have a body-on-frame EV platform, so we should see traditional EV Jeeps into the future.

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