Jeff Bridges re-creates 'Ghost' pottery scene with Stephen Colbert

George Back
Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

Jeff Bridges sauntered onto The Late Show With Stephen Colbert to promote his new film, Kingsman: The Golden Circle. But because Stephen seemed so tense, the actor thought he’d show him how to relax by making some pottery.

Bridges instructed Colbert to break a clay brick in half, and roll the half into a ball. Colbert did so with great gusto because he was trying to beat a commercial break that was coming up in 30 seconds.

Bridges told Colbert, “Lighten up. Stephen, you’re too tense, man. We’re talking about chilling.” The Academy Award winner then  got behind Colbert at his desk.

Much like Patrick Swayze’s character in the film Ghost, Bridges began to help Colbert mold clay while the band played “Unchained Melody.” It seemed to work as Colbert became more relaxed — Demi Moore relaxed.

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