Jelutong BN Youth give away cooking oil to delighted market shoppers


JELUTONG: Jelutong Barisan Nasional (BN) Youth offered a pleasant surprise to visitors of the Jelutong Market here by giving away 300 bottles of cooking oil.

Lucky recipients thanked the BN Youth for coming down to the ground and visiting the people, while asking them about their problems in the current challenging economic environment.

Yap Ah Moi, 69, said the 1kg bottle of cooking oil she received will help her save on monthly spending, as cooking oil prices have gone up, especially those packed in plastic bottles.

“Sometimes, it is very heartwarming to see these youths in politics coming to visit us ’normal’ people here, helping us and asking us how they can help us more,” she said.

Yap said although the youths are not in power and their ability to effect change is limited, their effort to help is highly appreciated.

Meanwhile, mother of five Saroja Arumugam said the 1kg of cooking oil will help her family, as they usually use 1kg of cooking oil a week.

“I have five children, all growing up, and need nutritious food. We cannot afford to go out for meals or buy food at the school canteens, so I have to cook their meals and pack them for school,” she said.

Saroja added that although the 1kg cooking oil bottles seem small, it is good to know that there are people who still care about low and middle-income earners.

Single mother Asmawati Abdullah, 50, said she and her son cut down on their oil and sugar intake when prices went up.

“I accepted the Prime Minister’s advice to cut down on sugar intake, but it is very difficult to cut down our cooking oil use. So this time, with BN youth giving us free cooking oil, it helps with our spending this month,” she said.

Penang BN Youth Chief Hng Chee Way said the cooking oil programme is their way of responding to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s call for BN members to ‘Jom Kenal Rakyat’.

“Penang BN Youth, in collaboration with thirteen BN Youth divisions today, are distributing 300 cooking oil bottles in each division,” he said, adding that the giveaway is aimed at helping all people, without discriminating against them based on political leaning or race.

Strategically located in a middle and low-income residential area, the market is one of the main venues where locals get their daily groceries.