Jennifer Aniston unfazed by topless scene

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston’s topless scene in her recent movie Wanderlust “means nothing” to the actress.

The actress stars alongside Paul Rudd in the film about a New York couple who move to a rural commune after they find themselves employed. In one scene Jennifer bares her breasts.

“I don’t feel embarrassed for what I did… Or maybe a little bit,” she told Myself magazine.

“But then I think that I’ve lived with all the cast and crew for almost two months and that topless scene means nothing for me compared to everything that we did!

“There was an actor that used to stay naked all day long and was having make-up done while the others kept chatting with each other.”

Jennifer’s boyfriend Justin Theroux also stars in the film, which was released recently. The Hollywood star enjoyed working with her bureau and having a break away from the spotlight as they filmed in Atlanta, Georgia.

“I loved shooting that film because we were far from everything and nobody could recognize us, no paparazzi there,” she said.

“This has been a nice sensation that kept me in a sort of ‘who-cares’ feeling. Actually my body was more relaxed.”

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