Jennifer Garner reveals the truth behind her Oscars meme – kinda

Heather Gardner
Video Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

Out of the many memes that emerged from Sunday night’s Oscars, one took the crown for most engaging — and most mysterious.

Presenter Jennifer Garner was caught on camera clapping along with the show, when she suddenly stopped. A horrified look took over her face. Take a look at the strange moment:

The video meme quickly went viral for it’s sheer mystery. What was Jennifer Garner thinking of at this exact moment? The internet filled in the blanks.

Clearly tickled by the response to the moment, Garner herself got in on the action providing her own interpretation of what was going through her head. We gotta say, it was pretty hilarious.

While the actress’s response was funny, we do have a serious question: Will we ever learn the truth about what Garner was thinking? Probably not. Still, the internet just loved that she poked fun at herself.

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