Jennifer Lopez gives an up-close look at her makeup-free skin and wow

jennifer lopez at the ralph lauren spring 2024 ready to wear fashion show at the brooklyn navy yard on september 8, 2023 in brooklyn, new york photo by gilbert floreswwd via getty images
Jennifer Lopez is ✨glowing✨ in fresh-faced selfie Gilbert Flores - Getty Images

Jennifer Lopez is undoubtedly a Goddess. But she has also proven time and time again that she's not afraid to ditch the glam in favour of a more low-key look – there's nothing she cannot do. From removing her extensions to reveal her natural hair length and going 100% makeup-free to share the results of her very own beauty products.

In a recent Instagram post shared to her 'JloBeauty' account, the star is seen to be showing off the results of a relaxing facial. "Spa day… Me after my @hydrafacial with @JLoBeauty booster ✨," she wrote in the caption of her post.

As shown below, Jen is sporting a bare face, sans-makeup and/or filter.

Now, admittedly, while the pic isn't the highest of qualities (aka, not every pore on Jennifer's face has been captured and examined under a microscope), there's no denying that her skin is absolute #goals. Glowing. To. The. Gods.

And as previously mentioned, this isn't the first time that Jenny From The Block has got up close and personal on the 'Gram. What seems like a lifetime ago, back in 2021 the singer shared a video of her having her 'brows tended to by Anastasia Soare (yes, the legend behind makeup brand, Anastasia Beverly Hills).

In the reel, Jennifer said: "I'm here with Anastasia doing my brows, she said I should take a picture of my skin," to which Anastasia replied: "yeah, because you have the best skin!"

"No filter needed when you have that #JLoBeauty glow IRL 🤩✨ @AnastasiaSoare has seen it all, but @JLo’s skin has that WOW factor 👀 We did name our hero serum THAT JLO GLOW after all… 😉," the caption read.

Yep, we, too, are in awe...

So, JGLow, if you wouldn't mind bringing your skincare range to the UK? We're ready for our glow-ups!

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