Jennifer Lopez Relaxes on a Boat During Solo Trip to Italy Amid Marriage Rumors

celebrity sightings in paris july 26th, 2022
J.Lo Is on a Solo Italian Vacation Right NowPierre Suu - Getty Images

Jennifer Lopez is living la dolce vita—by which I mean she's on a fabulous European vacation. The multi-hyphenate was spotted on a boat floating around Italy in photos taken last week (June 18, to be exact!) amid ongoing speculation regarding her marriage to Ben Affleck. Who, by the way, wasn't on the trip.

Pics from J.Lo's Italian vacation emerged on People just hours day after the outlet reported that she was "making plans to travel" this summer. They didn't elaborate on whether or not Ben was included in said plans, but he was spotted riding around Los Angeles on a motorcycle with his son, so gonna assume no for now.

The couple are currently living apart (J.Lo is in their mansion and Ben is living in a Brentwood rental), but they've been spending some time together recently. The Atlas star showed up to support Ben's son Samuel at his graduation, and she and Jennifer Garner were also spotted visiting Ben together in Brentwood.

Meanwhile, J.Lo made sure to shout out her husband on Father's Day by posting a black-and-white photo of him alongside the caption "Our hero 🤍 Happy Father's Day."

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Just FYI, TMZ claims Bennifer's split is "imminent," but a friend tells Daily Mail that J.Lo is 100 percent committed to saving the marriage: "She wants this marriage to work so much that she is willing to make any sacrifice including giving up being J.Lo," the insider says. "She doesn't want to be divorced."

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