Jennifer Lopez has us shook with her innovative 'one layer' skincare technique

jennifer lopez one layer dot skincare routine
JLo has us shook with innovative skincare routineGetty Images

As a beauty journalist, I encounter weird and wonderful skincare and makeup hacks on the daily – thanks to TikTok, mostly. But the latest has come to us via Jennifer Lopez and quite unexpectedly, may I add, for the interesting technique used. (Even so, you best believe we'll be trying it out ASAP... Y'know, gotta get that J-Glow 'n' all.)

Curious, much? Well, in the star's most recent Instagram post, Jennifer walks us through her "contour and highlight hack", as she so simply puts it.

Beginning the video reel tutorial, Jen first uses the serum from her very own brand, JLo Beauty. Though, we Brits are still waiting for a UK drop *hint hint*. And as one does, she rubs the product all over and into her face. So, the usual, right?!

Wrong! Because this is where things get a little interesting.

Next up she brings out the moisturiser and instead of rubbing it in and all over, she dots only in specific areas. Those areas being the perimeter of her face as well as the cheekbones and jawline. Then, filling in some of the gaps, she takes her eye cream and using the same technique, dots underneath her eyes and in between her 'brow bone.

Bear with me here, folks.

The penultimate step and one that has us even more surprised is contour. In the hollows of her cheek, around the forehead and on her chin, Jen dabs on dots of liquid contour. Finally comes the highlighter and yep, you guessed it, she dots the liquid formula down the bridge of her nose and on her cheekbones, cupid's bow and beneath the 'brows.

And there we have it – well sort of. She then, ofc, rubs everything together and into her face, making for that signature Jennifer Lopez glow.

You've heard of 'one layer' makeup but now we have JLo's 'one layer' skincare-cum-makeup routine. The best of both worlds!

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